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The History of Peaches Corner

Peaches Corner is a cornerstone for the city of Myrtle Beach. It has been around since the late 1930s...1937 to be exact. Believe it or not, there were three Peaches at one time; a location in Carolina Beach, NC, Folly Beach, SC, and the only one left, Myrtle Beach.

The name Peaches Corner came from the family name Peach. The Peach family owned the restaurant from 1937 until 1943. In 1943, Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Burroughs bought the property, and it’s still in the family today. The name was catchy so they decided to keep it Peaches Corner. Johnny and Eunice ran the restaurant for many years. They were open 24 hours a day during the peak months (back then it was June through Labor Day). It was said that the day after Labor Day, you could lie in the middle of Ocean Boulevard and not worry about being hit by a car. They converted the upper portion of the restaurant into living quarters so they could live on site during these busy months - today it is used for storage and an office.v

Hotdogs were sold for 15 cents or two for 25 cents, and beer was ten cents back then. I was once told a story by a gentleman who had worked for Mrs. Peach. He told me he was paid two hotdogs, a beer and $12.00 for a week’s work. It’s stories like this that make this job and this place so special. And we hear stories about the old days all the time.

Peaches Corner is now owned by Pam Crutchfield, the daughter of Mr. Johnny Burroughs and Eunice Burroughs Singleton. It has withstood the test of time and is proud to be a landmark in Myrtle Beach, Peaches has been family owned and operated since the day the doors opened. People come back here to relive the good times they had. If you have never been to Peaches, you need to make it a point to stop by and start making memories of your own. We have been here for 75 years and plan on being here for 75 more!

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